What's trending now

If you’re looking for gorgeous ideas for a picture-perfect home, inside and out, look no further than our stunning showrooms, overflowing with spectacular ideas to beautify your life. This season is filled with possibilities for unforgettable ways to add glamour and value to your property. Here are some of our recommendations for the hottest trends in the industry:

  1. Outdoor living rooms – Imagine expanding your space with an entire new room. That dream awaits right outside your backdoor. Consider a multi-functional outdoor living room, where you can enjoy cocktails, football games and parties throughout the year. Begin with a stately patio, add great rugs and furniture, ambient lighting and cozy fireplace or fire pit. Then kick up the style with arches, pillars or a pergola. Some customers add fencing, latticework, bamboo or shrubbery for privacy. Install a large screen TV and get the party started. Insider tip: Be sure to consider traffic patterns in and out of your house.
  2. Walls – Often overlooked, this hardworking hardscaping serves many purposes. First, retaining walls support soil, prevent erosion and enhance your landscape. But they go way beyond simple utility. Today’s walls lend curve and dimension to your outdoors, available in a wide host of sizes and styles. And patio and seating walls are now in huge demand – offering a place for guests or a spot to relax with a great book. Insider tip: Try different textures of block in your seating walls and pillars for dramatic contrast.
  3. Open-concept kitchens – Natural meets high-tech when you blend graceful pavers with modern appliances. Outdoor kitchens are trending big-time these days, boasting state-of-the-art tools and equipment from grills and smokers to high-end fridges, pizza ovens and beer taps. Weather-resistant cabinetry and appropriate roofing make your kitchen useful for all four seasons. Our customers love adding a colorful backsplash to their sinks to make it feel more like home. Insider tip: Think about flow. Just like inside, lay out your outdoor with easy navigation from refrigerator to counter space to cooking area.
  4. Natural touches – One of the best things about fall and winter is bringing the warmth and good looks of nature inside. A hot trend right now is thin-cut stone veneer which is a fantastic choice indoors and out. Thin-cut stone is an architectural marvel – exquisite, simple to install and durable. It lends a remarkable touch to areas like fireplaces, pillars, accent walls and staircases. And outside, it complements chimneys, facades, walls and arches. Insider tip: Because it’s so easy to install, consider putting stone veneer on a curved space in your home. And try a multi-color pattern to amp up the elegance.